Hello and Welcome!

I'm Bill Horvath, and I founded this company after experiencing a lot of disappointment with the cheap, poorly-made pet toys I've purchased elsewhere. It's my great pleasure to introduce...

Sweet William's Wand of Wonder™

or as I like to call it, the W.o.W.

...and it works like magic for enchanting cats!

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My cat Cloud chasing the lure on the W.o.W. (no audio.)

W.o.W. Features:

  • Tangle-resistant monofilament line that’s easily replaced if it's chewed through.
  • Free-spinning feather lure that’s also easily replaced with one from Pretty Good Pet Toys (or anywhere else that sells eyehook lures.)
  • Rod made from sustainable bamboo, rather than plastic.
  • Large, non-slip grip made from a comfortably firm polyolefin that’s easier for arthritic or weakened hands to hold than a thin plastic rod.
  • Both rod ends reinforced against the bamboo splitting.
  • Each lure is individually flight-tested before leaving the shop to make sure it performs with our signature spins-in-flight motion. (The spinning makes it more bird-like, and takes the energy out of the lure, so it strikes with less force if it hits the cat.)

Oh yeah: cats go bananas for them. (Seriously, you will be begged to play with this toy through incessant meowing, leg rubs, path-blocking, and rolling on the floor.) Just be sure to put it away when you’re done so you don’t come back to a lure with all the feathers chewed off.

The W.o.W. is also available for retail purchase at Saxton & Co. in southern Michigan.